30 years of reform and opening up, China’s decorative hardware industry along with big wave of economic development has made considerable progress and development, showing a growing scale, continuously expanding product coverage, companies own brand gradually stronger, comprehensive industry competitiveness upgrade new development. Although the hardware industry are supporting industries, but it is an important part of basic industries and manufacturing, especially in recent years, with the rapid development of industry size, industry influence and technological content of products, etc., has a place in the world metal pattern . Of course, China’s decorative hardware industry after a late start, the rapid development in the exposed problems can not be ignored.
Therefore, in the development of the industry has entered a new phase and the downturn in the global economy environment, China’s decorative hardware is facing new opportunities and challenges. Countries in development, social progress, with the accumulation of wealth in all walks of life as well as the current complex economic situation, safety awareness, aesthetic awareness, brand awareness, artistic consciousness has gained. Although domestic decorative hardware industry factory, more and more brand after another, such as the length and breadth of the building materials market, hardware businesses springing up. Obviously, the industry has been in a state of imbalance between production and supply far exceeds demand, so the competition is very fierce. And even more worrying is many manufacturers do not have R & D capability and sustainable development strategy, just copy blindly imitate, product technology, style is almost identical, the whole market homogenization phenomenon is very serious, very single and traditional business models, direct resulted in the hardware industry into a vicious price competition situation. Production to keep up with the market, metal locks urgent technological innovation with social, technological and cultural progress, mechanical lock security has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the people, and, to some extent, in fact, the strength of security measures is the identity, status-related electronic smart locks (including locks, card lock, fingerprint, iris locks, etc.) as a new generation is increasingly apparent recognition technology advantages, will gradually replace the mechanical lock to become the new protagonist lock industry. With the emergence of smart locks, mechanical locks largely solved the drawbacks, it allows people to get rid of the dependence on the key to improve the security.
China Hardware Yong Ben innovative way to follow the market trend of China’s enterprises in this area can take advantage of new technology, hardware lock head catch up with international leading companies make smart lock its unique technical advantages will lead China lock industry to be more good development, so that more people have more confidence in more occasions, but also make our future more secure. As consumers biometric technology, electronic technology and other high-tech products increased demand for intelligent locks, locks enterprises should seize the opportunity to market-oriented, adjust and optimize the product structure, to seize the high-end locks market.

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JEEFOO Plotter blade is one of branch office for Guangzhou JeeFoo Tools Co.,Ltd.Our products are including: ROLAND plotter blade, PCUT plotter blade, Graphtec plotter blade, SUMMA plotter blade, MIMAKI plotter blade,LOLINE plotter blade and aslo non-standard customized blade requried. Read more.

ROLAND Cutting Plotter Tools

 Technical data in the overview:
– Cutting media up to 0.25mm thick- Diameter: 2mm (0.08″)/Length: 23mm (0.91″)- Available in 30, 45 and 60 degree, 0.25mm offset – material: 89-90%Wc/10-11%Co- hardens: 91, 5HRA Rockwell- breaking strength:4000-4200N/mm2- 5pcs per box.

PCUT Cutting Plotter Tools

Technical data in the overview:
– Cut media up to 0.25mm thick- Diameter: 1.5mm (0.08″)/Length: 23mm (0.91″)- Available in 30, 45 and 60 degree, 0.25mm offset- material: 89-90%Wc/10-11%Co- hardens: 91, 5HRA Rockwell- breaking strength:4000-4200N/mm2-Size:45degree- 5PCS per box.

Graphtec Cutting Plotter Tools

Technical data in the overview:- Cut media up to 0.25mm thick.50mm thick (CB15)-CB15  Diameter 1.5mm (0.06”)/Length 18mm (0.71″)- Available in 30,degree (CB15 ), 0.25mm offset.-material: 89-90%Wc/10-11%Co- hardens: 91, 5HRA Rockwell-breaking strength:4000-4200N/mm2-5pcs per box.

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